In a perfect world

Published 5:57 pm Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I was disturbed when I read the front page of The Post-Searchlight recently. A cat hoarder! in Bainbridge? In this perfect little historic town?

I thought and I thought and I thought. And, finally the implications shook me like a nightmare. Maybe Bainbridge isn’t such a purrfect place where helpless animals are concerned, Not very purrfect at all.

Everywhere I look, there are animals roaming the streets. Do these animals have homes? I never know. But I know how undernourished they look. And I know how often I see them—every single day. And by the dozens!

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And I read the horrible details about old folks being attacked by packs of dogs. And dens of dogs being abandoned, starving and covered by festering sores. And I see the death toll of animals lying dead in the streets! And the wounded and the neglected.

The stories never stop.

Our local Humane Society struggles day by day to survive, hanging on by their fingertips, trying to do what’s right for the animals throughout the county.

So, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by a headline about a cat hoarder. These folks may have been misguided, but at least they cared about all the homeless cats. Probably more than our city and county officials do.

You who control and run this purrfect city—I’m sorry if I voted for you. That mistake won’t happen again!

Sally Miller

Bainbridge, Ga.