Calling all gardeners

Published 10:28 am Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Suzanne Brandt, director of Keep Decatur County Beautiful, has had a desire to develop a community garden center in Bainbridge for some time.

The biggest obstacle she has faced in making it a reality has been the availability of land in the city on which to put it.

She has decided to go forward with an initial project on a 46-by-90-foot plot carved from a big hay field on her family farm (Ed Harrell place) off Old Pelham Road.

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It is not in Bainbridge, as Brandt had hoped, but is in the county, “seven miles north of Stones. I measured it,” said Brandt.

The ground is ready for planting. It has been soil tested, fertilized and ready to go, according to Brandt, who adds, “We will start planting next week, at 3 p.m. on Wednesday.”

Brandt said a lot of people are excited about the project.

Barber Fertilizer has been providing them with all they need and volunteers from NAACP Youth and CATS for Youth, as well as many individuals have expressed an interest in helping to plant and care for the gardens.

“We will be planting basic vegetables,” explained Brandt, who said surplus food from the garden would be donated to Family Connections.

“It is hard work and takes constant care, but this is a critical time to do this, with rising food prices. It is a skill people need to learn, as well as learning to share with others,” she concludes.

Persons interested in making a garden or helping others learn gardening basics may call Brandt at 246-3611.