Worthy inductees

Published 9:20 pm Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The announcement of the first four inductees into the newly-created Decatur County Sports Hall of Fame comes as a well-deserved recognition, both for the individuals and for our community.

It is remarkable that a community our size has left such an impression on the sporting world. We have had three pro football players, one pro baseball player and a professional track and field athlete. In addition to the pro athletes who have hailed from here, Decatur County regularly produces student athletes who make their hometown proud.

There’s a few factors that have likely made the conditions right for raising such outstanding athletes: Strong support from coaches, teachers, boosters and fans; warm weather and lots of rural land to encourage outdoor play. Ultimately, it is each athlete’s natural skill, devotion to their training and their strong personal work ethic that makes them successful at the highest levels of competition.

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Coach Spencer “Onion” Davis, Ken Rice, Larry Clark and Ernie Riles were natural choices to be the first inductees into the Sports Hall of Fame. Appreciation should also go to the inductees families and friends, who supported them through their athletic and coaching careers.

Bainbridge and Decatur County have many successful athletes and coaches to be proud of.