Save our trees

Published 8:33 pm Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I read with great interest your editorial column about “Please, Fix It” in the Jan. 5 edition of The Post-Searchlight.

Another article listed projects the city is undertaking in 2011. One in particular caught my attention.

There are plans to pave some of the lot facing Broughton and Clark streets and turn the current city parking behind City Hall into a small landscaped area. Wonderful, that will be very nice, if, the large oak tree is protected and emphasized. That oak, which I recommend we name “John, The Baptist,” is larger than the “Big Oak” in Thomasville. [Joe Livingston and I measured it.] The state has experts available to help plan what is needed to be done to assure that the paving does not harm the tree. Around the base and for some distance out could be landscaped to allow the roots to breath and the tree to receive water.

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If Bainbridge wants to continue the nickname of “The City of Oaks,” then we need to take more care of our large oaks and plant more in public spaces.

Please help bring awareness to this possibility to “Fix It”!

Clayton Penhallegon
Bainbridge, Ga.