My night in jail

Published 9:30 pm Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As I read the Lena Baker story, tears come in my eyes as I remember my only nite I ever spent in jail. Here she was, the only woman to be electrocuted in the electric chair in the Georgia Penal System and she was black, had killed a white man who was verbalie and physically abusing her and been doing so for a long time. She had lain in an unmarked grave since 1944. That will be changed as a grave marker dedication will take place on Jan. 12 at noon. Many dignitaries will be on hand at that time.

Now to my only nite in jail in Long Beach, California. If you have never been locked up in a jail, you have no idea of what it’s like to hear the two metals clank togather.  I had made 3rd Class Petty Officer and had to stand Shore Patrol Duty. Five of us had finished the nites patrol near midnight and was standing on the corner in front of a bar and grill when all of a sudden we were arrested by the vice squad.

The Paddy Wagons came and took us to jail, we explained to the desk sargent that we were Navy personel on S.P. Duty. He says your guilty by association. At sun up next morning, our Lt. Commander came and got us and he vented his ire on them for arresting us. He had to sign for us to get out and had to stay and meet court. That one nite in jail had its effect on me that I’ve allways had since then. I ran my boys camp 30 years after getting into the fish camp business and the sheriff would let me take one or two kids into the jail and show them. Those that was in the lock-up, it always had its effect on them just as it had on me.

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Many bass were taken this week, up to 9 pounds on crank baits. This is the time of year to catch your Wall Hanger.

I cain’t believe how many duck hunters are out on the lake this week. They may not be killing but they are shur getting in some shooting.

A 10-point buck took out a truck on Highway 97 South and another 10-point buck was killed from a stand 200 yards off the highway, there was also a big buck rolled up in a ball east side of 97 where Green Shade Road leaves 97.

Crappie is still slow, I think for the lack of fishermen. The wind is a bad factor in crappie fishen.

Catfishen has slowed to a crawl this week. It’s been too cold for the most of them to get out there.

C&R held their first tournament of the year out of Wingate’s on Saterday. Matt Baty and Chris Blackmon won with 26 pounds, Steve Bushore took second with 22 pounds.

The Hydrilla Gnats Club Tournament held on Sunday had Matt Palmer winning with 21.27 pounds, Andy Koundourakis taking second with 20.50 pounds and Tom Imhof taking third with 19.88 pounds. Mr. Imhof also had Big Fish at 7.38 pounds.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

January 9, 2011
Lake surface temp: 51
Lake level: Near full
Clarity: Clear
Flint: Clear greenish
Chattahoochee: Lite stain
Spring Creek: Clear
Report provided by: Jack Wingate