A new meaning to fine dining

Published 7:46 pm Friday, November 12, 2010

Many in Bainbridge have complained that we don’t have a “fine dining establishment.”

I would like to disagree.

I recently injured my ankle and have been hobbling around on crutches. Desperate to get out of the house, I took our 3-year-old to McDonald’s for lunch.

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The minute I walked in the door, the manager, Mr. Charles, greeted me. He then had an employee carry my tray to a table, fill our drinks, and bring me napkins.

A deluge of rain began just as we were leaving, and Mr. Charles asked if I needed help getting to the car.

Much to my surprise, he had an employee put on rain gear, get my keys, pull the car around to the curb, and help me and my daughter in the car, while holding an umbrella.

I have never been treated so royally, even at the most expensive restaurants.

Hats off to Mr. Charles and all of the fine folks at Mickey D’s who made my day, and proved that just because you serve nuggets and burgers doesn’t mean you aren’t high class!

Janell Cleveland
Bainbridge, Ga.