No winners

Published 6:28 am Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On June 14, 2007, our community was changed forever with the loss of John G. Hinson, the former principal of the Bainbridge High School Performance Learning Center. While Roy Mathews has done an admirable job succeeding Hinson, anyone who knew him knows that he can never truly be replaced.

He was the family man, the mentor, the friend that touched many of our lives.

For Shelley Hinson, John’s widow, the completion of a difficult, emotional re-trial must come as some relief, though certainly without any solace.

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There cannot be any joy in the verdict for Memorial Hospital. Despite a jury’s finding that it and one of its former doctors, Dr. Paul Bennett, were not liable for Hinson’s passing, he is still gone. While his death was ruled an accident, it was a shocking, scary reminder of how fragile and temporary life can be.

Memorial staff, like health care providers everywhere, should be always mindful that every patient is precious; each one has a host of family and friends praying for their recovery. Regardless of any patient’s medical history, none are there because they wanted to be, or expected to be.

It is the responsibility of medical workers, as well as the patient’s loved ones, to be constantly vigilant that the proper care is being provided. While sometimes bad things happen, when utmost caution is taken, all can be satisfied that the patient did not suffer unnecessarily.

We know John is in a better place. May we continue to learn from the lessons he left us.