Keep it here

Published 8:05 pm Friday, July 30, 2010

With Decatur County schools starting Friday, the coming days are when parents will perhaps do a lot of their back-to-school shopping.

So, during the course of these upcoming days, please shop here.

Don’t trek to Tallahassee, or Albany, or Dothan for those clothes, backpacks or pencils.

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All that is here in Decatur County.

Neither Georgia nor Florida are holding sales tax holidays, so a trip out of town isn’t necessary.

And it is hoped that the more dollars that flow into the county’s coffers will mean less tax dollars that need to be collected through property tax hikes down the road.

The fragile economy is still sputtering along, and Decatur County is still suffering from higher-than-normal unemployment, so the more spent here, the better off we’ll be here.

Keep your money here.