A special thank you

Published 2:44 pm Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Much has been said and many have been thanked for their involvement with the Decatur County Special Olympic track and field day. The community came together in a very strong and positive way to show support for this great event. I want to again thank those who volunteered, gave financially, supported and gave encouragement in the process leading up to and during this event.

A special word of thanks needs to be given to the leadership team of Decatur County Special Olympics. Meetings began as early as October 2009 to ensure that this track and field day would be sanctioned by the Georgia Special Olympics. This team acquired accreditation, worked out the logistics, planned, promoted and held the event.

The leadership team is composed of Ken Bailey, training coordinator; Ruby Barlow, secretary; Jim Beck, chairman; Catherine Gossett, medical coordinator; Pat Harrell, volunteer coordinator; Krystal Hines, financial coordinator, and Jimmie Hill, public relations coordinator.

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The investment of time and energy that these individuals put into this project reaped a bountiful harvest in the lives of many in our community. I want to say thank you to each of these and to our community as well. You have shown why Decatur County and Bainbridge, Ga., is a great place to live.

Thank you,Paul MedleyLocal coordinatorDecatur County Special Olympics