You decide

Published 2:44 pm Friday, April 2, 2010

We are a country of laws.

Laws have meaning.

Income tax laws have meaning.

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When candidate Obama said, “We will have accountability in my administration,” it had meaning.

President Obama said that in his Chicago-style campaign talk and voters should realize that he only said that to get elected.

There are more than 100,000 government employees in Washington who have not paid their taxes.

Where are they?

Who are they?

They are staff and employees in the White House, in Congress and Senate and in other government offices in Washington.

When you add in all other federal employees (including the military) who have not paid their taxes, you add another 200,000 who have not paid their taxes. They take the taxpayers’ money on pay day, they just don’t pay their taxes.

If these 300,000 federal employees were made to pay their taxes it would bring in an estimated $2 million into the treasury.

Tax laws need to be enforced by the federal officials who are charged with the responsibility to enforce the tax laws.

This includes oversight by the Congress and the president.

To get more positive collection action going, a Republican congressman is introducing a bill to get effective enforcement.

It is a shame that a Republican has to introduce such a bill going on White House and congressional staff.

Where is the leadership on this?

Decatur County taxpayers are represented by Democrat Congressman Sanford Bishop. He has the president’s ear.

Call or write Congressman Bishop and insist that he ask President Obama to give those working in the White House 48 hours to pay their taxes or they are out of the White House, out of Washington, and off any federal pay roll!

Ask the president to lead by example.

No more teleprompter talk, talk, talk!

Then insist that Congress handle the rest with speed.

Obama, in a show of good faith to us that do pay our taxes, should then urge Speaker Pelosi to give New York Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel 24 hours to pay his taxes!

Wow! What a leap of faith in Obama that would be!

Rangel is the chairman of the powerful House Committee that unites and oversees tax laws. Rangel recently reluctantly voluntarily did step down temporarily as chairman during the investigation that has been dragging on for a year.

What takes the investigation so long as it is still going on today?

Why didn’t Speaker Pelosi act responsibly and order him to step down months ago?

Pelosi has been using delays and procedures to cover Rangel and delay any tax accountability on a number of his violations over many years.

Why would Pelosi do this?

Why has Obama allowed this to go on today?

Both Pelosi and Obama need the seniority influence and votes that Rangel controls. Rangel represents Harlem, N.Y. Harlem bloc votes Democrat in elections. Rangel will never be voted out of office by Harlem voters.

Am I politically incorrect for saying such things?

Are Obama, Pelosi and Rangel living a lie that voters are expected to willingly accept without question or concern?

You decide.

Guy BarberBainbridge, Ga.