How you can still oppose the health bill

Published 8:07 pm Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yes, you can still negate much of Obama’s, Pelosi’s, Reid’s, and Bishop’s health care bill changes on you personally. Here’s how:

When your child reaches age 21 (23 if in college) and he/she cannot find a job with health benefits do not keep him/her on your policy until age 26 as the new bill allows. Tell your insurance company to remove your child per the old rules.

If your insurance policy has a cap on benefits, do not allow this cap to disappear but tell your company that you will pay, out-of-pocket, all expenses over the established lifetime or annual cap before the bill.

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If you are a senior continue to pay the “donut hole” prescription costs that are eliminated by the new bill.

If your previous policy did not pay 100 percent of preventive care (mammograms, colon checks, prostate cancer tests, etc.) protest the bill by paying for the costs yourself.

If you are a small business owner do not claim the up to 50 percent tax deduction for health insurance costs for your employees as allowed by the new bill.

If your insurance company has ever dropped someone from a policy (including newborns) because of a serious (and expensive) health problem (almost all have done so) show your disgust for the new bill by canceling your policy yourself if that situation occurs.

Finally, if you have a pre-existing condition and your insurance company used to deny coverage (as recently happened to my wife) tell your company that you refuse to accept the new bill’s rules and will continue to pay pre-existing medical costs out of your own pocket.

See, you can do your part to continue to protest the new health insurance bill.

Tom BushBainbridge, Ga.