GHSA committee to discuss Northside situation

Published 8:14 pm Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Georgia High School Association’s (GHSA) executive committee will meet today, Feb. 24, in Forsyth to discuss whether Northside Warner Robins High School will be a member of Region 1AAAA or Region 1AAAAA for the 2010-2011 school year.

In January, Northside, which played in Region 1AAAAA last year, had a projected enrollment of 1,820 and was assigned to Region 1AAAA, which Bainbridge High School is in.

The cutoff for class AAAAA schools is 1,900.

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Later in January, the Houston County Board of Education released a revised Northside projected enrollment figure of 1,994 students, which would put them in Region 1AAAAA.

The number changed as rezoning negotiations to accommodate Veterans High School, Houston County’s newest school, got underway.

Bainbridge High School Bearcats head football coach and Decatur County School System athletic director Ed Pilcher, who said he may attend today’s GHSA executive committee meeting in Forsyth, believes if their is a mistake it should be corrected.

“If Northside Warner Robins has the numbers to play in AAAA they should play there, but if they have the numbers to play in AAAAA, they should play there,” Pilcher said.

“If a mistake has been made, and we have a chance to correct it, we should.”

The executive committee must determine whether GHSA bylaws allow them to change a school’s class assignment after reclassification has been ratified. Ratification took place in January when the 1,820 projected enrollment figure was presented.