Let God handle it

Published 2:47 pm Friday, January 15, 2010

The president made a speech last week. Mentioned that he found this mess when he was elected. So, why do people keep ostracizing him?

Let’s pray that this will soon get over all this mess with the help of God. Only prayer can change things. Instead of those people in Washington worrying about homosexual and same sex marriage. This has nothing to do with the condition we are in, all this has been happening ever since it has been a world. Let God handle it.

Every man or woman must go before God for themselves.

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And about this abortion situation, women should use self control and not want anyone else paying for it.

Health care, everyone should have some kind of insurance if they can and not depend on some one else for their health.

How can these people work when all jobs mostly move out of the USA? The people are losing their homes. It’s not the president’s fault.

We have jobs, a few, but who got them? The farmers here can’t get these U.S. citizens some won’t work, so who is going to gather them? We got people out there who won’t work. They would rather do other things.

The Bible says if a man doesn’t work should not eat. I’ll agree 100 percent.

May God Bless us all and this country to help us out of this situation we are in.

Jewell WIlliamsBainbridge, Ga.