Carp story was fake

Published 3:54 pm Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can I tell a story about a 56-pound carp I gave away?

It is a funny story actually, I gave a fish to a man, and then I see a picture of him and his son in the newspaper with the exact fish I gave them.

To sit and read their far-fetched story about a rope and truck—I carried that fish over my shoulder and I have pictures and video to show it—From the end of the dock at the goat pen to my truck and then drove around the boat basin trying to find somebody who would like to eat it.

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I found Mr. Gainer and his family fishing near the bridge. I then asked if they would like the fish to eat. I then put that fish in the bed of his truck and apparently he brought the fish to you and made up a story about how they caught it.

It is disturbing that I would do a kind thing and they would make up that kind of story just to get publicity. Very upsetting because of the trouble I went through to catch that fish. It should be illegal to make up a fake story and actually publish it in the paper.

How do you put a rope around a swimming 56-pound fish. Very amusing.

Thank you very much, because of people like that I will never make another act of kindness for anybody ever again.

Scott QuailBainbridge, Ga.

Editor’s Note: In a photo and story published on July 4 in the sports section, Robert Gainer and his son, Devonte Gainer, came by with a 56-pound fish that they said they caught and gave details of how they caught it. Such fish stories are on the honor system, but we apologize if this tale wasn’t so honorable.