Wiregrass area artists recognized in mural

Published 3:43 pm Friday, June 19, 2009

For those of you that are interested know that I have been on the board of directors of the Dothan Murial Project since day one.

We have just completed our 20th murial in downtown Dothan. It has a huge picture of Ray Charles, of Albany; Dean Daughtry, who still sings with the Atlanta Rythom Classic 4; Buddy Buie who wrote 41 No. 1 hit songs; David Adkins and John Adkins who were with the Webbs; Roy Orbison and Candyman; Mickey Thomas of Cairo, who was at W.T. Wombels funeral in Cairo; Martha Reeves and the Mandellas; Bobby Goldsboro of Dothan Ala.; and Wilbur Walton Jr. who wrote Georgia Pines and Rite String Baby, But The Wrong Yo-Yo., which both became No. 1 hits.

All of these folks are from the Wiregrass area. At this time, I would like to thank the Kirbo Foundation and Bruce Kirbo Sr. for helping so much on them. Also, the Nichols Tractor Company and Inland Oil and Gas for their help.

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The weekly Jack Wingate Thursday Night Big Fish Tournament was held 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.. This week the first place went to Joe and Tim Cleary—they had a 7.44 pounder. Second place went to Angelo Koundourakis and Andrew Adams—they had a 6.97 pounder. Third place went to Nic Jeter and Reid Heard—they had a 6.04 pounder. There were 20 boats this week.

The Kids Tournament held Saterday morning with Mr. Lindy Evans attending with “Golija” fishen club for kids whose motto is, “Do the next rite thing.” Little Miss Emily Spruillo of Nashville, Ga., was No. 1 with 3.5 pounds and three others; No. 2 was Gary Jones of Dublin, Ga., who drives to Valdosta to fish; No. 3 went to Rance Hamm. Gary Jones won Big Fish with a 5.50-pounder.

We had lots of bream taken on crickets. The bream are on beds, but the muddy water of the Flint has them hid. They are on beds and will stay there all summer is my opinion. The Crappie has just about quit for the summer, but what do I know.

There was some big mud fish caught and some good-sized Jackfish on Spinners and Top Water.

Remember this, “A gov-mint big enough to give you everything you need is big enough to take everything you have.”

Wingate’s Fishing Report

June 15, 2009

Lake Surface Temp: 78Lake Level: Above Full PoolFlint: ChockaletChattahoochee: Bad MuddySpring Creek: Muddy but ClearingReport provided by: Jack Wingate