Tree cannot be replaced

Published 3:56 pm Friday, June 5, 2009

Bainbridge is filled with beautiful oak trees and rightly deserves the title, “The Oak City.”

What a shame to think our city would lose such a marvelous tree as the lovely oak on Williams Street.

I first recognized the amazing beauty of this tree over a year ago when visiting Mrs. Freeman’s home. The tree is the outstanding feature of her yard. It provides a cool place for children to play, neighbors to visit and memories to be made. It buffers sound from the nearby by-pass traffic and provides homes to many squirrels and birds. The far-reaching branches provide shade to lower power bills.

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I grew up at the Oak Hole, attended the Oaks Academy and currently reside on Oak Grove Road.

My love and admiration for the majestic trees run deeply. Having lost a centuries-old oak tree beside my childhood home, I understand the emotional attachment that cannot be replaced once the tree is removed. There is no compensation for an aesthetic loss such as this.

I urge the city council to carefully consider the impact that removing this tree would have on Mrs. Freeman, her neighbors and the neighborhood.

After standing beside Williams Street for 80 years, is it really possible that the only way for progress to be made is to cut down this tree?

I am confident that all parties will rise to the challenge of finding a compromise that benefits all involved—including this great oak.

Respectfully,Susan Lanier