BHS students tour caverns

Published 2:17 pm Friday, June 5, 2009

Earth Systems students from Bainbridge High School traveled to Marianna, Fla., to tour the caverns at Florida Caverns State Park on April 23.

The field trip was made possible due to a grant from the Decatur County Schools Foundation. The students have been studying the earth’s formation and geologic time periods.

Touring the caves gave the students a real life visual of how the Earth looks from the inside. During the tour, the students were presented with a lot of interesting facts about the caverns such as the 40-million-year-old caverns, and the fact that the caverns are still considered living formations because they are still continuously forming.

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Not only did the students feel that the trip was very informative and interesting, but they enjoyed getting the opportunity to get a real life look at the material they are studying. They will use the information they learned to create a Power Point presentation that can be presented to other Earth Systems classes.