Whirlwind coming soon

Published 6:58 am Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hold on to your hats folks, because during the next several weeks, there’s going to be a whirlwind of activity associated with moving in and out of schools.

During Tuesday evening’s Board of Education meeting—which was rescheduled from Thursday to Tuesday because of the scheduled Bainbridge High School graduation—a temporary certificate of occupancy (CO) for the new Bainbridge High School may be granted as soon as Tuesday, said Education Department Maintenance Director Jerry Mills.

The state fire marshal is scheduled to inspect the new school next week, which if all goes right, the BOE will be granted a temporary CO, which would allow school personnel to occupy the building and begin the move.

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“We are looking forward with great anticipation this move,” Mills said, which brought out a chuckle from the audience.

Technology Director Steve Dunn said the school is to receive 800 new computers, which need to be programmed, and 120 TVs, which need to have cable run to them.

Around June 8, Mills said after the meeting that student desks and other furnishings are scheduled to be delivered.

So far, 2,840 boxes were ordered for teachers and school personnel to use in the moving of several schools, and those boxes are already gone. Mills said he’s ordered another 1,100.

The “move” is not just the old Bainbridge High School into the new Bainbridge High School.

Lillian W. Williams has be to vacated.

Library books and other materials will have to be transferred from Hutto Middle School to the old Bainbridge High School, and on top of that, Hutto Principal Marvin Thomas said his librarian, Valerie Bush, has retired after 31 years.

“It is a little scary to have to open a library without a librarian,” Thomas said during the presentations by each principal of their retired personnel.