A frosty football

Published 4:37 pm Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here’s my contribution to the Bobby Walden Hiway, “Bobby tole me that creeks and branch heads south of Cairo was so thick that when he was in hi school, two loggers with a cross-cut saw sawed a tree down and set down for a smoke of Prince Albert. Twenty minutes later they got up and could not find the tree.”

Bobby, being a truthful person sed “the coon tracks under all that thick stuff about 6 inches thick and he sed when him and his buddies went to go coon hunting, they would always stop in the dirt road and push a Caster Oil bottle stopper in one of the dog’s nostril so as to keep him from running two coons at once.”

Then there was Snake Womble, air-condition and refrigerator man who had his workshop next to the field where Bobby practiced.

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Bobby’s football crashed into his 100-year-old pecan tree and Snake came out of the shed and sed, “That’s rite, Bobby, kick it agin, it knocks my hi pecans down.”

I never did get to see Bobby play in person, but I was watching the tube one day when Bobby kicked a hi ball and ran almost to the end zone and as the receiver caught the ball, the receiver sed, “Look here Walden, there’s frost on this ball.”  I’d say that was a perty hi kick.

Mr. Craig Taylor took a good mess of bass flippin, Bubba Armbruster of Valdosta and Shawn Taylor of Crestview took seven bass that weighed 21 pounds on Traps.

Another boat reported three bass, three jackfish and three crappie on spinner baits. Thirty bream were taken pitchen crickets to the edge of the grass walls.

We got the unofficial word the winner of the Shellcracker Tournament was 23 pounds. Don’t know what the Big Fish was yet.

All week long and especially Friday, Saterday and Sunday, there has been big catches of bass in the dangdest places.  One boat reported a huge catch taken in the middle of the Flint River on Watermelon Red Worms.

Next week we have two tournaments on Saterday and one on Sunday. They should be very good turnouts. The Rose City 9th Annual Tournament on Sunday guarantees $2,000 first place.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

April 26, 2009

Lake surface temp: 71Lake level: Down someClarity: Cloudy to clearingFlint: Cloclet and fastChattahoochee: Muddy and fastSpring Creek: Full and muddyReport provided by: Jack Wingate