Thanks from newcomers

Published 4:38 pm Friday, April 17, 2009

Moving to a new community can be exciting, intriguing—a real adventure.

When we moved here seven months ago, we never dreamed of a place where community comes together for a common good. You see, as a military family we have lived in eight different states and two countries. In the service you become quite independent out of necessity since moving each 24 to 36 months was common. Never have we seen such caring people as our family recently experienced here.

As many of you know, Marty’s life and that of our family changed overnight one day in March when with no pre-existing condition, he was hospitalized. While he remained in the hospital for a month, the St. John’s Episcopal Church family, the Bainbridge College family, the Chamber of Commerce family and our neighbors came together to pray for us and with us.

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Since there are so many people to thank, those known to us and those whom we have never even met, we want to acknowledge you as our very special angels in time of need. You may never know the impact you as a community have made on our family. This was a life-changing experience. Your gracious giving of time and talent has shown us the true meaning of community and we believe you have made us want to be better people because of it. Everything happens for a reason, and now we see clearly why we were brought to Bainbridge.

Communities around the country could learn from what you do here. Thank you to everyone for your prayers, your concern and for the wonderful dinners you provided. For the times you spent driving to Albany in the rain; for sitting with the family during the tense moments; for praying with us; for your daily e-mails; for your cards of encouragement. Truly, we can never thank you enough.

Thank you!The Clay family