Obama need to ‘man up’

Published 3:26 pm Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Candidate Obama was the man of the future, looking forward even beyond political reality.

Today President Obama is a man looking backwards as he cries over and over, “I inherited this mess.”

This as if to say disregard the facts that although I was on the congressional payroll I’ve been running for president for the last four years, that I knew over a year ago McCain could not win, that after Hillary quit I knew I would be president that I had millions to spend and that I had the black vote, union vote and liberal educators in my hip pocket on campaign day one. Obama’s campaign raised $750 million. Money to buy votes was no problem.

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How big was “this mess” on day one of the Obama administration?

How really big is “this mess” today? It is considerably more than what the Bush administration left. How many more months of the Obama administration can “this mess” be blamed on Bush before the voters wise up to looking backwards?

With his team of advisers and Clinton players, Obama had full knowledge of economic conditions for a full year prior to election day. Form then, including a lengthy transition period, Obama was kept fully aware and informed.

The office of the president is a mans’ job. Obama needs to “man up” to the job he campaigned four years to get. He knew full well what he was getting into while he was campaigning to change America to a government controlled society. Although his personal charm is strong, he lacks management ability to govern effectively.

This is a serious problem for major media who are heavily invested in Obama’s’ success. They birthed him and must suffer the cost whatever to attempt to ensure his success. The majority of voters, especially young voters, believed the media and as a result did hire the least experienced man for the job of the leader of the free would as well as for America. One of the results of hiring Obama for the job was a designed change to more government control of our lives and our wealth.

The core of what Obama is attempting to do is the redistribution of wealth in America. Control the wealth and you control the power. A change and control both President Obama and Speaker Pelisi believe in.

Can the Obama supporters get over their rock star love affair with Obama?

Can we stop “bailing out” members of Congress every two years and elect some new ones rooted in reality before the money runs out?

Can we elect new members of Congress who will keep their word about voting against legislation that is not needed, not a good use of taxpayers dollars, not morally sound, not in the Constitution, and not supported by the majority of voters?

Only then will we get real change. Taxpayer voters should consider pay to performance legislation for Congress. When Congress performs poorly or not all, tax 90 percent of their pay until such time as they perform as they elected and expected to do. Now, that’s real change and real value for our tax dollars.

Guy Barber