It’s time

Published 7:49 pm Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kudos to Decatur County Commissioners Butch Mosely and Palmer Rich for wanting to explore altering the makeup of the board of commissioners.

Currently, Decatur County has six county commissioners with one being elected to serve as chairman, which then that commissioner becomes a non-voting member unless there’s a tie.

Since Rich is chairman, citizens in his district are now void of a “voting” representative on the board.

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Adding a seventh commissioner seems to be what Mosely and Rich are leaning toward, but the capacity of how that extra commissioner would serve is still up in the air.

Would he be elected county-wide and serve as the chairman of the commission—similar to how the mayor is on the City of Bainbridge?

Or would he be elected county-wide and join other commissioners in selecting a chairman and vice-chairman every two years?

It’s time to explore and gauge the issue and allow citizens to decide how the makeup of the board of county commissioners should be.