Have all gospel at 4th

Published 3:50 pm Friday, February 20, 2009

I see where the Bainbridge City Council voted not to spend the thousands of dollars for big-name entertainers for the 4th of July.

That was a very smart decision, that money can be put to a lot better uses, than paying some profane, dope-heads to put on a vulgar performance that is offensive to decent-minded citizens and conduct that children should not be exposed to.

I have a good idea that would save a lot of money: In the past every year they have had country, western, rock, etc., and a lot of vulgar and profane rantings from the performers that was offensive to a lot of people.

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What about a nice, clean decent honorable change this year?

What about something that families with their children can enjoy?

There was never been a gospel singing program for the 4th. So now is a very good time to have completely “all gospel singing” program. I mean “all gospel,” not just some mixed in with a lot of other stuff.

There are a number of good gospel groups that would be very glad to come and sing. And, unlike the past performances where the performers felt they had to be vulgar and profane, a gospel singing would be good for the entire family, including the children. It would be something the decent folks could listen to and enjoy for a change. It would sure beat that Skynyard (sic) fellow, and his profane bunch.

How about it city council? A gospel singing would be good.

And to any and all: Who wants to complain about not having “your” music that “you” like.

Well, in the past, a whole lot of us have stayed away from the singing performances because there was no music we liked, and we sure did not want to hear the vulgar rantings being carried on on the stage.

So if you are of such a mind that you cannot stand to hear good gospel music, then I guess it would be your year to stay away from the singing. Turn about, you know?

J. Paul JacksonBainbridge, Ga.