Hope to emulate

Published 3:32 pm Tuesday, January 20, 2009

By way of introduction, I am Dwain Shaw, president of the Columbia County, Ga., Arts Council and currently one of the two artists on exhibit at the Firehouse Gallery (along with Ashley Long).

Having been a long time resident of Bainbridge until my graduation from BHS in 1964, I can say it is always special to come home to visit family and friends.

This trip home was exceptionally special as I was able to witness first-hand what a community together can achieve to promote the arts and the quality of life that all of our communities deserve.

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I remember the Firehouse as just that. To see the restoration and future plans of the Bainbridge Arts Council is nothing short of remarkable and admirable. I was asked to attend the annual meeting just before the reception, and was in awe of the attendance and pride demonstrated by the many that attended.

I give special applause to Phyllis Lucas for her leadership and to Basil Lucas for his volunteer efforts. There were many others that I just do not remember their names, but just as praiseworthy. My special treasure was the time I was able to spend with Mary Barber Cox, who has long been an iconic arts treasure for the city of Bainbridge.

Columbia County, a bedroom community of Augusta, is one of Georgia’s more affluent counties, yet it lacks the style and resolve that I witnessed in Bainbridge.

I hope one day to emulate what you have done and while I am sure there are the naysayers that say I cannot judge by only a short visit home, I can say, I know what I saw. You should be very proud of what you have done, and are about to do. This will long be a memory in my heart.

Dwain ShawPresidentColumbia County Arts CouncilEvans, Ga.