Golden Agers hold Hat Day

Published 12:38 pm Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Climax Golden Agers held a celebration of hats in October as they modeled their favorite hat and gave a brief story about the hat.

The ladies fashion hat show featured many different styles, and varied stories.

Frances Lee’s design came from New York, and she bought it for her oldest son’s wedding.

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Evelyn Hutchins borrowed her hat from her sister. It was a Princess Diana style, and came from England.

Danna Sue Hadsock bought her first hat for a meeting in Tallahassee, and while wearing it to the meeting, the wind blew it off and she had to chase it down the street. It was white with a matching side bow, and she had the original box.

Louise Williamson modeled a black hat she inherited from her aunt, and Marlene Free wore her safari hat from Kenya she purchased on her recent trip as a Rotarian where she went with a medical team that helped care for the sick. Marlene said she helped weigh and measure the patients among other duties.

Fannie Wells modeled her Minnie Pearl hat from the Climax Grand Ole Opry shows featuring the ever popular price tag. Fannie has worn this hat for 16 years in the shows.

Alma Hart had a cute, little black, short-brimmed felt hat with a red feather. She wore a matching outfit. Alma said 52 years ago she was a newlywed, and making her first trip with her husband, Dick, to meet his family in Pennsylvania, where it was very cold and snowing when they were to arrive. Living in Florida, Alma said she and Dick had no cold weather clothes, so their friends who were from the north came bring them a wardrobe of clothes to wear on their trip. She wore a red, long coat to match the feather in her hat. She said she felt her hat was the oldest in the hat show at 52 years.

Margaret Welch displayed a tan and brown straw sun hat she had purchased in Texas.

But Rita Dodson had the most original. When she found out there was to be a hat show, she went to a yard sale her sister-in-law held and bought a cute, straw-brimmed hat and then placed a flower in the back.

The men were as versatile as the ladies.

Tony Williamson had the hat that he called his gnat hat! It featured a straw with a soft screen covering his face like a veil.

Charles Hadsock wore his “wear it with pride” Georgia Tech ball cap, and Clifford Wells modeled a cap with the 94 Armor Division under Gen. Patton from World War II.

Before the hat show, Vice President Charles Hadsock welcomed everyone in the absence of President Bonnie Maloy. Remembered in prayer due to sickness or other situations were Gloria Scarbrough, Marge Jones, Belle Dennard, Jessie Nelson, Gracie Hunt, Libby Allen and Billy Sloan.

The Swine Time entrant for the club will be the convertible with Alma Hart driving, and representing the club along with Alma will be Bell Dennard, Ruth Betts and Betty Knight.

Celebrating birthdays in October were Marlene Free, Catherine Lashley, Hubert Parker and Gwen Wingate.

Reporters Note: A special thank you is sent to Alma Hart, Marguerite Plitnick, and Danna Sue Hadsock for their assistance in the article.