Can you beat Gloria’s jams

Published 3:00 pm Monday, October 27, 2008

I have ordered cool mild evenings for Nov. 4-8, plus a big harvest moon. The weather is going to be perfect for this year’s Fall Festival and Fair. Trust me.

There’s going to be something a little more exciting about the fair this year, and I would like to challenge Gloria Coppenger to cook up a batch of her favorite jams and jellies and enter the pies, cakes, jams and jellies contest.

The idea for this event was brought forward this year to lend a little more authenticity toward a more flavorful downright rootin’ tootin’ county fair. We’ve all been to county fairs with the animals, farm displays and machinery, quilt and sewing circles, 4-H exhibits, and all the good ole Americana stuff.

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So we need to try and inject similar events here.

Each month on the first Thursday, Gloria offers four of her famous homemade jams and jellies as one of the door prizes of the Chamber of Commerce monthly breakfast. I have been one of those winners. Let me tell you, this is good stuff, top of the line, the best of the best.

Now I’m not saying Gloria is a shoo-in to take the first-place ribbon, but it’s a strong possibility if she enters. I have been around southern small town folks long enough to know that when it comes to making homemade, there’s a lot of talent in the kitchen. The competition could be stiff.

Let’s have some fun at this year’s fair, folks. Let’s get into the kitchen, drag out your famous pies, cakes, jams and jellies recipes, and enter the contests. Come on Gloria, bring us an entry. Who knows, you might take home a blue ribbon. Then when you offer your jams and jellies as a door prize to the next Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting, it can be introduced as Gloria Coppenger’s blue ribbon jams and jellies as judged at the Decatur County Fall Festival and Fair.

So, if you are afraid to enter jams and jellies to compete, try your hand at pies or cakes. If you wish to enter, only one sample is needed for pies and cakes, but two samples are needed for jams and jellies. Bring your entries to building 2 at the fairgrounds on Friday, Nov. 7, from 5:30 to 6 p.m. Judging begins that night, with prizes awarded.

While you are there on Friday night waiting for the blue ribbon awards, you can partake of the usual fun of the carnival midway, ride the rides, test your games of skill and listen to local songstress Tina Brock.

Saturday night, live entertainment features the Billy Rigsby band from Tallahassee with their famous jazz and popular renditions.

I have lost count of all the years I have been involved with the fair. I have always looked forward to it, because it’s a fun event. And the proceeds benefit the huge work program of your chamber of commerce. Without the fair revenue, a lot of its work would go undone.

There’s still lots of time to save a few bucks on admission and rides. Early bird price reduction tickets are now on sale at various locations in Bainbridge. Go to any bank or branch, most pharmacies and the book store. Save $1 of gate admission and $3 off the armbands for the rides.

Let’s see. For dinner one evening at the fair I am going to have three of Ruby Macaroni’s special batter corndogs, two hot dogs with chili, a candy caramel apple, hot coffee or slushy, depending on the weather, cotton candy, waffle cakes and ice cream sandwich.

Come on out and join me at the fair. Gates open at 6 p.m.

Oops, almost forgot—hot Italian sausage on a bun.

Jim Smith is former editor of The Post Searchlight. You can comment or access other opinion columns at