Conspiracy theorists need to take a break, Tony Stewart isn’t to blame

I don’t watch a whole lot of racing, but it’s hard to ignore the recent accident with NASCAR star Tony Stewart running over 20-year-old driver Kevin ... Read more

The Braves need to shake out of this hitting slump and start winning again

The Atlanta Braves have really been in a prolonged hitting slump recently with runners in scoring position. Two different times in their series against the ... Read more

Quality time with my girls was all I really needed

A recent surgery required that I be off work for a little over one week. Once I was released from the hospital, my husband took off ... Read more

A fresh reminder of why teaching is a noble profession

Dear Georgia Public School Teachers: It is new school year but, alas, the same old impediments: An out-of-touch federal bureaucracy; ideological state legislators who choose ... Read more

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Dan Ponder

The decision is yours

Usually I write about elections just after the fact.  More often than not, at some point in the article I lament at how poor the ... Read more

Lynn Roberts

Money, politics and laughter

The mugger came up behind the man and stuck his gun in the man’s side and said, “Give me your money.” The man was indignant ... Read more

Dick Yarbrough

Democrat gubernational hopeful Jason Carter shares his views on education

I have asked the two major gubernatorial candidates to talk to Georgia public school teachers about their respective education platforms. This week the floor belongs to ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

We are asking senior citizens to give your feelings and comments about the Decatur County Senior Center here in Bainbridge. This should be a place ... Read more

Letter to the Editor

Bainbridge has really been hit hard with this credit card scam. I was one of them. I called my banks and talked to the president ... Read more

Letter to the editor

This letter is in response to an ad printed in the Post-Searchlight on August 13, 2014 from Concerned Employees of Grady EMC. We appreciate your ... Read more

Grady EMC

Over the last few weeks, a group has purchased advertising in The Post Searchlight to paint Grady EMC in a negative light. Unfortunately, the only ... Read more

You make me proud

I, and many members of the Bainbridge, Georgia – Decatur County community gathered on Sunday, Aug. 24, 2014 to bid farewell and pay our last ... Read more


Trolinger’s defense should be paid for by the county

The Decatur County Board of Commissioners was presented with a very straightforward request at Tuesday’s County Commission meeting. Jami L. Lewis, an attorney for Bainbridge ... Read more

Henry House opening is good sign for future of local business

Bainbridge has something extremely special in the works with the newly renovated Henry House opening its doors soon. Six different businesses have set up shop ... Read more

Two mills is an unnecessary increase

The Bainbridge City Council is making a mistake by increasing taxes by two mills at this point in the fiscal year. If this millage rate ... Read more

Decatur County does not need to pay legal fees

Tuesday’s county commission meeting saw the board unanimously vote to pay all legal fees for three of the indicted Decatur County Sheriff’s Office deputies. The ... Read more

Decatur County attorney’s contract raises questions on legality

Questions have arisen concerning the legality of the terms of the contract executed between the Decatur County Board of Commissioners and the county attorney, Brown ... Read more