A great man who did great things

On my “To Do” list last week was a reminder to call former Gov. Carl Sanders and see if he had any thoughts on how ... Read more

Farewell to Bearcat football, marching band season

This football season has been an exceptional one for the Bearcats. I have seen a lot of growth in the team from the first game ... Read more

Anything can happen at the end of the college football season

It’s both a sad and exciting part of the college football season. On one side, I’m upset the season flew by at light speed—yet again. ... Read more

What in the world are the Braves thinking?

I am as diehard a Braves fan as anybody, but I found myself scratching my head in disbelief at some of the recent moves they made. ... Read more

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Dan Ponder

Is it common or extraordinary?

I have often wondered about the point when something I consider extraordinary becomes common to someone else. When does a brain surgeon first go into an ... Read more

Lynn Roberts

Lincoln’s brief words remind us what’s important this Memorial Day

As our country approaches its most solemn national holiday, Memorial Day, about the best thing that could be said is that our ultimate treasure, the ... Read more

Dick Yarbrough

What Nobel Peace laureates have incurred should not have occurred

I have been trying to figure out what to do with my free time now that I have decided not to run for President of ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

As a former reporter for The Post-Searchlight, I want to pay tribute to Sam Griffin, who enhanced my life in a very special way. I ... Read more

Letter to the Editor

We sat opposite a grand and opulent desk. He picked up his cup of coffee and leaned back in his lush brown leather chair and ... Read more

Two different ‘Red Hill” organizations

The article entitled “Suit Claims Private Probation Company Wrongfully Detains Poor” in the Saturday, April 18, 2015 edition of The Post – Searchlight was very ... Read more

Letter to the Editor

I want to thank all the people who spoke out due to the recent killing of my pet and bird dog deluxe. For those unfamiliar with ... Read more

Letter to the Editor

It appears to me that presently our city and county elected officials are communicating. A few suggestions to help them continue to work together: 1. ... Read more


Congrats to all the graduating high schoolers

Thursday night, 330 Bainbridge High School seniors will don a cap and gown and march across the stage to receive their diplomas at the BHS ... Read more

We love good news, too

With Bainbridge Manufacturing’s recent news about hiring an intern for their newly created summer program, we at The Post-Searchlight couldn’t be happier. Bainbridge Manufacturing and ... Read more

Sam Griffin will be dearly missed

Samuel Marvin Griffin, Jr., 79, passed away Monday. He will be missed by this community. A truly great man, Griffin began work at The Post-Searchlight ... Read more

The time for negotiation has already passed

I’m confused with Decatur County’s recent formation of a “negotiation committee.” Decatur County Commission Chairman Dennis Brinson, along with commissioners Pete Stephens and Rusty Davis, ... Read more

Downtown Bainbridge’s recent accreditation is well deserved

Downtown Bainbridge certainly has a reason to celebrate. Coming during the 25th anniversary of Bainbridge being a part of the Main Street Program, the Downtown ... Read more