Hallelujah! The “Job Lock” is finally over

The Congressional Budget Office  released an updated report on the future consequences of the Affordable Care Act, AKA  Obamacare. There is no doubt that the ... Read more

Spinning a State of the Union Address

I’ve always enjoyed the subject of politics and have been all over the political spectrum. When I was younger, I was more liberal in my ... Read more

County, city looked past their differences, agreed for the greater good

Tuesday, the Decatur County Board of Commissioners and the City of Bainbridge finally agreed on something. Despite both sides not getting everything that they were ... Read more

Discovering an old treasure

I am constantly amazed at the treasures that are within a day’s ride from our home here in Southwest Georgia.  Occasionally, you know about these ... Read more

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Dan Ponder

What happened Monday was nothing short of a deluge

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a deluge is “a great flow of water or of something that overwhelms.”  The second definition is “a steady falling ... Read more

Lynn Roberts

A failure to communicate

Among the most memorable lines from the movies of my lifetime is from the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke. Paul Newman is part of a ... Read more

Dick Yarbrough

Irritating Liberals and Conservatives in the same week is not good

Even by my impossibly high standards, this has been a good week. It began with a whack upside the head from a reader in South ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Thank you for writing about William Peabody

Dear editor, I really enjoyed the nice article Joyce Kramer did on William Peabody. My husband, Bill Fleming’s third great grandfather. If you attended the ... Read more

Bainbridge and Decatur County need sunshine

Dear editor, Your article was wonderful. I don’t know how many people will read it, and that is more the pity. I have written about ... Read more

Southern Paws Animal Sanctuary and Human Society separate entities

It has come to our attention that some are under the impression that the newly organized Southern Paws Animal Sanctuary is affiliated with the Bainbridge-Decatur ... Read more

Patient thanks surgeons at Memorial Hospital

Dear editor, This is a sincere “Thank You” to all of the staff on the surgical section of Bainbridge Memorial Hospital. I had shoulder surgery ... Read more

Good samaritans show kindness to stranger in Bainbridge store

Dear editor, Something wonderful happened in my life today and I wanted to share it with you. As I was finishing up using the self-check ... Read more


WWII hangar shows patriotism

Soldiers should never be forgotten. The men and women who risked their lives in war for the U.S. deserve the utmost honor and recognition. The ... Read more

Council is on a slippery slope

The Bainbridge City Council made a historical decision Tuesday night to change their meeting schedule. They voted 3-2 to reduce meetings from six times each ... Read more

Decatur County needs a reliable EMS system

After the three-day review from the Georgia EMS team last week, it’s safe to say Decatur County is in major need of a restructuring of ... Read more

Identity thefy can happen to anyone, including the elderly

It may be easy to dismiss financial identity theft as something that will never happen to you. But it’s always better to be safe than ... Read more

BSC keeps molding minds

The inaugural Bainbridge State College Arts and Lecture Series brought former U.S. President Jimmy Carter to the campus Tuesday and brought many residents together for ... Read more