Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

It appears that John H. McRae (not the dentist Jon McRae) has appointed himself the education watchdog of Decatur and Dougherty Counties.   Unfortunately, Mr. ... Read more

Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,  The high school graduation rates came out last week and there was almost a 2 percent increase from 71.8 to 73.7 here in ... Read more

Local officials acting like children

First, I find the people I know in the Climax community to be very caring people dedicated to helping others. I apologize if I unintentionally ... Read more

Letter to the Editor

I’m a 93-year-old who is finally totally disgusted with the way some of our elected city and county officials are dealing with taxpayers money and ... Read more

Letter to the Editor

We are asking senior citizens to give your feelings and comments about the Decatur County Senior Center here in Bainbridge. This should be a place ... Read more