If you party some more, stay safe

Even though the Fourth of July has already passed, many people will continue to celebrate the holiday all weekend long. However, the Georgia State Patrol ... Read more

We’re proud to be ‘land of the free’

Tomorrow, we will once again celebrate our freedoms and our patriotism as we celebrate Independence Day. Fireworks, picnics and family are all certainly an important ... Read more

BSC-UGA partnership help meets need

Thursday’s partnership between Bainbridge State College and the University of Georgia is a win for our area, for many reasons. The partnership will allow some ... Read more

City saves nearly a million

We commend City of Bainbridge officials for recently making a move that will save taxpayers $858,029 on the cost of the city’s sewer master plan. ... Read more

Take advantage of farmers’ markets

During the next two Saturdays, including today, Memorial Hospital and Manor will be sponsoring a “Healthy Living Farmers’ Market.” The market will be held behind ... Read more