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Monument in Climax dedicated to Bell Dixon School

Monument in Climax dedicated to Bell Dixon School

  Climax Mayor Charles Hadsock, and County Commissioner Butch Mosely welcomed a nice crowd to Parker Park in Climax Saturday April 11 for the dedication ... Read more

It takes a village to pull off Climax Ham and Egg Supper

What does it take for a community to keep its cemetery “alive”? In the city of Climax it takes 50 pounds of grits, 150 dozen ... Read more

Springtime begins to spread through Climax

With the warmer weather plants and animals are beginning a new season around Climax. Peach and pear trees are in full blooms as are the ... Read more

Bell Dixon School monument put in Parker Park

After receiving permission from the Climax City Council last year, two cousins, one from Tennessee and one from Florida, proceeded on a project that was ... Read more

Climax Golden Agers voted to not sponsor Grand Ole Opry

At the March 11 meeting of the Climax Golden Agers, the majority of members present voted in favor of no longer sponsoring or having any ... Read more