St. Johns Episcopal to hold church card party this month

It is time to make reservations for the annual card and fall fashion luncheon sponsored by St. John’s Episcopal Women. Read more

Fleeing is sometimes the best option

There is no need for me to deny that I have many flaws and things with which I struggle. One of those is remembering names. ... Read more

Some gifts increase in value

I have been blessed over the years with many acts of kindness extended to me by a lot of people.  All of them are special and ... Read more

Are you bearing fruit?

It was a bit of a gloomy occasion a few days ago as I cut down our tomato vines. Although we probably did not make ... Read more

The Lord can help us rise above fear

Years ago as I was looking around the barnyard of my granddaddy’s farm, I made my way through the weeds and briers to take a ... Read more

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  2. Put forth effort to maintain unity
  3. Keep a careful, prayerful watch
  4. Don’t give up on America
  5. God is perfect in every detail
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Father Roberto Mena

Jesus es el Buen Pastor de ayer y de hoy

El Salmo 23 es uno de los ms grandes captulos sobre el liderazgo que existe en el Antiguo Testamento. Lo hemos ledo tantas veces con ... Read more

Carl Ralston

Today’s unbelief in His church

By REV. CARL G. RALSTON Church of the Lord Jesus Christ Today, Christians will tell you they believe the Bible and that it is God’s ... Read more

Howard Tillery

Let God rule: Achan and Joshua

Scripture: Joshua 7:1-26; 8:22-35 Golden Text: “Then Joshua built an altar unto the Lord God of Israel in mount Ebal. And he wrote there upon ... Read more

James Scarborough

Take time to focus on your spouse

Gale and I are about to celebrate a most wonderful time in our lives—our thirty-seventh wedding anniversary!  As I hear about the recent snow and ... Read more