Howard Tillery

Jehovah is the supreme God

Scripture: Psalm 90 Aim: To help the pupil understand that Jehovah God is the supreme God and that man is designed to worship and serve ... Read more

Jehovah God: The awesome God

Scripture: Psalm 66: 1-12 Aim: To help the believer understand that God should be the object of worship and devotion by all. Golden Text: “Make ... Read more

God: Our comfort and assurance

Scripture: Psalm 63 Aim: To assure the believer that trusting in God brings comfort and personal assurance. Golden Text: “My soul followeth hard after thee: ... Read more

Jehovah God: King of kings

Scripture: Psalm 47 Aim: To remind the pupil that Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, is to be praised and obeyed as King. Golden Text: ... Read more