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Newberry is back home

Newberry is back home

By Dr. Don Robinson Special to The Post-Searchlight Bainbridge High School alumnus Kadee Newberry has come back home, and she now brings a bunch of ... Read more

What is it that sets Rotary apart?

By Dr. DON ROBINSON Guest Columnist As the Bainbridge Rotary Club builds towards our third Casino Night fundraiser on Feb. 9, it seems to be ... Read more

Rotary: serving our world, starting at home

The local Bainbridge Rotary Club (BRC), 110 members strong, comes together for just one reason. That reason, the mission of the BRC, is to serve ... Read more

This is what Rotary means to me

People sometimes ask me, “How do you have time for this or that?” Being active in Rotary has led me to be confronted by that ... Read more