Child molester gets life in prison

Published 7:08pm Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A convicted child molester was sentenced to life in state prison Tuesday, by Chief Superior Court Judge A. Wallace Cato, according to a press release from the Office of District Attorney Joseph K. Mulholland.

Billy Jim Carver, 63, was convicted on Nov. 13 of one count of felony aggravated child molestation, two counts of felony child molestation, and one count of felony exhibiting pornography to minors.

Mulholland commended the hard work, by the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office, on the case.

“Our office was able to secure convictions on this case,” he said. “Because of their diligent work, a child predator will never again harm our children.”

Carver was accused of molesting a 10-year-old boy sometime in 2008. The victim told a juvenile relative of the abuse sometime after, but due to special circumstances, the crime wasn’t reported to law enforcement until June 2012.

  • kimlancee

    This charge is crap. This man has never been in trouble with the law. This child that has accused him is a troubled child with mental issues. During all of this no one has stepped forward accusing him of anything in the wrong. Billy Carver is not a child molester. Again the justice system has gone after someone that has had no issues with the law and allowed the true criminals to walk. Sounds just like our government, screwed up and unjust in their decisions over people’s lives. This man has never had any kind of charge brought against him. Now he’s serving life in prison. The system is broken.

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